BERNINA 475 Quilters Edition: Made for quilters

 "You don't need to sew perfect, the machine will make it magic."

Talented. Energetic. Creative. Bold. A maker like Tiffany relies on the B 475 QE to be powerful, easy to handle, fast and magical. Day in and day out. And her BERNINA never fails to deliver. She loves it and you will too.

Tiffany Pratt Designer and Maker


Automatic features save time


  • No more manual threading
  • Press a button to cut your thread
  • Save time for more creativity

Threads are cut automatically, or if you prefer, magically. Even the needle lifts leaving your hands free to keep on creating. 

Keep your hands on the fabric

Designer Tiffany Pratt, B 475 Quilters Dream, Keep hand on fabric,

  • Hands-free sewing is reality
  • Hands are free to guide the fabric
  • Simultaneously raises/lowers presser foot and feed dog

The BERNINA Free Hand System lets you lift or lower the presser foot using only the knee lifter, allowing hands to guide your projects to bigger and better things.  

Nice, easy perfect stitches

 Nice, easy perfect stitches , B 475 BERNINA, Quilters Dream

  •  Sew perfect stitches with 5.5 mm stitch width
  • Sew even longer with the jumbo bobbin
  • Conveniently, front-load bobbin
  • Perfect precision is achieved with each stitch thanks to the BERNINA Hook. Plus, projects are done faster with speeds up to 900 stitches per minute. 

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure, b 475 quilters dream BERNINA 475 Quilting

  • Sew any material perfectly with ease
  • Increase pressure for thin materials
  • Reduce pressure for thick materials

Individual adjustment is easy to make, ensuring the ideal pressure is achieved for any and all materials no matter how thick or delicate.

Patchwork foot #37

Patchwork foot #37, B 475, BERNINA, Quilters Dream, Designed for Straight stitching

  • Designed for straight-stitching
  • Ideal for sewing 1/4" seam allowances
  • Extra insurance for experienced piecers

Every quilter appreciates the Patchwork foot #37 for its accurate feeding and stitching when piecing patchwork blocks with perfect precision.

Easy to navigate touch screen

Easy to navigate touch screen, B 475 Quilters Dream, BERNINA

  • Modern color touch screen
  • Easy to use with simple navigation
  • On-screen support when needed

Always ready to be of assistance, the Sewing Consultant helps find the right settings. And suggested tips are easily made with the multi-function knobs.

Tiffany Pratt, a designer, maker and BERNINA expert for the

Just push play and learn why Tiffany thinks the BERNINA 475 QE is perfect for quilters who want a little sewing magic on all their quilting projects.

Watch the video and see for yourself!

Made for Sewists, Makers and Crafters

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Your creativity. Your decisions.

Sew longer with the Jumbo bobbin.

Perfect tension makes perfect stitches